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Start reading one piece 864 in this one piece manga blog. Ruining the wedding cake and smashing the portrait is by far more lethal to kill big mom than thoese rockets. Luffy's plan was actually spot on and amazing that bege went along until luffy blew it. And lastly, katakuri looks more fearsome and deadly that he may not need a devil fruit. Now that it reveals that he does, it makes him a threat as much as jack is, unless we see the two fight. I found it amazing especially that jinbe wants to join luffy's crew. That morgans guy going all reporter mode was funny too can't wait until the whole world see how cool the straw hats are. The only thing I'm curious about is what will happen with pudding and the vinsmokes will they change for the better or still be cold hearted idiots. Little bit surprised by katakuri having a devil fruit, but I am happy it isn't jellybean related and could be a reference to the non-canon ame ame fruit used by gasparade, which was also a sticky sweet substance. Still wondering if we will ever see smoothie do anything, or if oda's gonna give her the same treatment he gave to rebecca provide eye candy and lose easily/accomplish nothing. And I knew big mom's powers being fear based would be a major disadvantage, cause let's be honest: luffy is either too brave or too dumb to be scared of, well, most things, really. Hopefully we get to see duke chicken and maybe the older family members in action. I love every bit of brook's luffy disguise. Give the skeleton boy a job and he gets it done! Now, if oda could give him a badass fight in this arc, I'd be happy.

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Read the topic about One Piece Chapter 864 Discussion here, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga. I have a theory regarding brook destroying the picture we saw in this chapter that katakuri knew that luffy would attack the picture so he stopped luffy. But I think the luffy in his vision was brook all along. So it's not like katakuri didn't see that brook was going for the picture, he just confused him for the real luffy. We got katakuri's power revealed, jinbe finally joining the strawhat crew, and of course senpai brook coming in and once again showing that he is low key the clutchest member of the crew as showcased in this arc time and time again!  ONE PIECE CHAPTER 864 LIVE REACTION ワンピース

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Why do I have this gut feeling that jinbe will die somewhere down the line? Like it has been foreshadowed a lot of times. For example in this chapter he is not afraid to die just to save his friends, and on marineford he said to luffy that he will sacrifice his life to save him. Like I know that the strawhat crew is also willing to sacrifice their lives to save luffy but I don't think they have said those words as much as jinbe. I think katakuri has to focus his coo haki at someone in order for his predictive abilities to work. Like how he cannot foresee bege whispering to his henchmen if he's not paying attention to bege to begin with. I think luffy could've successfully destroyed the picture without katakuri interfering if he didn't reveal which was the real one. It's also likely katakuri is foreseeing big mom screaming in pain right now but he suspects either luffy or jinbe did it so he's focused on them. Another theory is that brook is immune to pre-cog level of coo because his devil fruit defies death and therefore defies fate. Yeah well his future sight is still just from his own pov. It's not like he's omniscient. If the whispers aren't something he'd notice anyway he's not gonna notice them with his haki.

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